Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

Discover The Comfort Of Dental Sedation

Dental anxiety can come in many forms. For some of our patients, it’s a fear of being in pain. For others, it’s experiences from the past that make them avoid any dentist’s chair. At Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, Dr. Robert Karr and the rest of us completely understand and respect the intensity of dental anxiety, which is why we offer safe oral dental sedation.

Our caring and considerate Alliance Dental Care staff will always make sure you feel at home in our Fort Worth, TX dentist office. We also understand that sometimes, even the warmest greetings and gentle dental care just isn’t enough to help some patients fully relax.

Oral dental sedation will always be available to you if you need it, and you should never hesitate to ask if it will make you happier to be in our office.

Please learn more below, then call us here at Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX at co817-270-6100 to make an appointment or ask any questions.

Providing the perfect balance of comfort & exceptional dental care

At Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, we will always make sure your mouth is numb before performing any treatments that could cause discomfort. We also offer oral dental sedation to put you in a relaxed state. This type of sedation is known as “conscious sedation.”

Dr. Robert Karr prefers conscious dental sedation so you are completely stress-free yet can still ask or answer any questions during your treatments. We can provide sedation during any procedure, from dental cleanings to cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments.

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Call Alliance Dental Care at our Fort Worth, TX dentist office today at 817-270-6100. We want you to feel completely comfortable and confident before you even walk through our door. If you have questions regarding dental sedation, we’ll gladly provide the answers in person or over the phone. You can also contact us through our online form.