Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Dental Anxiety

At Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, our patients often tell us that they are always happy to visit us. If you’ve been nervous or is having dental anxiety when to going to the dentist, we’re sure you’ll also feel relaxed when you’re in our Fort Worth, TX dentist office.

In addition to a welcoming environment, we help eliminate dental anxiety by using the most comfortable dental techniques possible. Dr. Robert Karr, with his experience, is very attuned to the personal needs of every patient. Many small considerations add up, such as having his patient open their mouth only when necessary, which allow his patient to rest and be relaxed. Dr. Karr moves very calmly and efficiently which further shows consideration for his patients.

We also make sure you’re always informed of how our services work. It’s important to us that our relationship with you is built on trust, so we’ll go over any procedural details with you as thoroughly as you wish.

Please read more below and then call Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX at 817-270-6100 to make an appointment. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have before you even sit down in one of our comfortable chairs!

It all start with smile

That includes yours and ours! Of course, your dental health is our top priority. But since we actually love what we do, you’ll always find a happy team of friendly people every time you walk through our doors.

For many patients, the possibility of dental pain is a major contributor to dental anxiety. For others, the “cold” and “clinical” nature of being in a dentist chair is simply too off-putting.

Our office feels more like a home away from home. We have comfy couches in our waiting room, video display screens featuring modern art, and uplifting yet calming music playing throughout the office.

If you’ve avoided the dentist due to financial issues, we also offer multiple payment options to take the hassle out of getting the care you deserve. We’ll gladly walk you through any of these options and provide a complimentary insurance check for your convenience.

Ensuring your physical comfort with personalized attention

During any potentially painful procedure, top Fort Worth, TX dentist Dr. Robert Karr will skillfully and gently make sure your mouth is numb to minimize any discomfort. With Dr. Robert Karr’s experience of administering local anesthetic hundreds of thousands of times, he knows how to personally tailor this to your individual needs, to make it as much of a “non-event” as possible.

Dr. Robert Karr knows the certain thresholds of challenge for his patients during their appointments. As we approach those thresholds, Dr. Karr takes great care to ease his patients past these moments with empathy, consideration, and encouragement. It is important to Dr. Robert Karr and our staff that you have the type of positive experience which will encourage you on the path to life-long good dental health.

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Call Alliance Dental Care or fill out our convenient online form to make your stress-free appointment. Dr. Robert Karr and his team at Alliance Dental Care offers free consultations for our services at our Fort Worth, TX dentist office, so you can get to know him and our team before any treatment begins.