Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Is Oral Surgery Right for You?

Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX understands that oral surgery seems intimidating. But as a seasoned professional, Dr. Robert Karr only recommends oral surgery if necessary, and sometimes it’s the best option for your smile.

Perhaps you need a tooth extracted to benefit the rest of your teeth and gums. You could also require a procedure to prepare you for restorative dentistry services such as dental implants.

If we need to perform any oral surgery, we’ll make sure that you’re always as comfortable as possible. Dr. Robert Karr and the awesome team at Alliance Dental Care offers free consultations at our Fort Worth, TX dentist office, so call Alliance Dental Care today!

Our oral surgery options & their benefit

Tooth Removal/Extractions – Though we are capable of saving and protecting damaged teeth, sometimes it’s necessary for us to remove any that have been through too much trauma. This could be due to long-term decay or an accident that has broken the tooth beyond repair. A single damaged tooth can cause too much pain to be left in place, and it can also become a serious hazard to the rest of your smile.

Ridge Augmentation – This procedure helps strengthen your jaw if you’re considering dental implants but your jawbone is too weak to support them. An added benefit is that ridge augmentation can also improve your jawline’s appearance!

With ridge augmentation the natural line of your gum, without the tooth in place, can be restored and preserved thereby eliminating any unsightly gaps which also can become food traps. An added benefit is that ridge augmentation can also improve your gumline’s appearance creating a nature look once the final restoration is in place!

Bone Grafts – This is another solution for strengthening your jaw if you’re considering dental implants. If teeth are left missing for too long, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate and may be unable to support implants. A bone graft will restore your jaw’s strength, allowing you to fully enjoy a new smile with implants.

Schedule your free oral surgery consultation today!

Dr. Robert Karr is ready to discuss oral surgery options with you. We will ensure a stress-free experience and can offer dental sedation to help you fully relax during any procedure.

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