I’m having a hard time chewing

I’m having a hard time chewing

I’m having a hard time chewing

I’m having a hard time chewing

As we’ve all been made aware by those addictive cooking shows, dining is a pleasure. There are simply too many good foods out there to enjoy and discover. That’s why Dr. Karr and Alliance Dental Care provide plenty of restorative dentistry services to get your smile back in full swing!

Whether you’re celebrating at a new or favorite restaurant, you should be happy to do so. Even grabbing a quick bite during a road trip or simply eating dinner should be enjoyable!

So please check out our services below, then call for a free consultation at our Fort Worth, TX dentist office at 817-270-6100!

Restorative dentistry helps you chew whatever you choose!

At Alliance Dental Care, we provide:

  • Dentures to replace missing teeth. These can be removed for cleaning and at your convenience. They will also last for years if you take care of them (we’ll give you all the info you need on the proper maintenance). We can even attach them firmly to implants!

  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth. Unlike dentures, however, these are actually replacement tooth roots that securely hold brand-new replacement teeth. These will never slip out of place, providing a reliably strong bite. Eat what you want again!

  • Dental crowns to repair and protect damaged teeth, allowing you to comfortably chew without worry or discomfort.

  • Dental bridges to replace only a few missing teeth. All it takes is one or two missing teeth to disrupt how you chew and digest your food. Many dental bridges are fixed, though some can be removed. The good news is that all bridges will greatly improve your ability to eat!

  • Tooth fillings to repair teeth after being treated for cavities. Fillings ensure your teeth are guarded against further decay.

  • Root canals to eliminate painful pulp that has been damaged in your tooth, which can cause you to dread every bite. Though root canals have a bad reputation, they are invaluable when it comes to your comfort while eating!

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