If you’re missing a few or all of your teeth, dentures can benefit your smile in so many ways. At Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, Dr. Robert Karr provides natural-looking, long-lasting dentures that improve your speech, appearance, and ability to chew.

Even if you’re not concerned with the cosmetic advantages of dentures, it’s important for you to consider how much missing teeth can affect your diet and health. You may be unable to enjoy beneficial foods like apples and nuts because they’re too difficult to chew. Not chewing your food properly can also lead to digestive issues.

During Dr. Robert Karr’s decades of experience, he has provided hundreds of dentures for his patients and has more experience with dentures than most dentists in the area. He wants the best for your smile, and that includes making sure it’s not only beautiful but also functional!

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Finding the best denture options for you

Dr. Robert Karr of Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX proudly offers multiple denture options to restore your smile, including:

Full – A full set of upper and lower dentures will be made to replace all of your teeth. They’re easy to remove and should last for years if cleaned regularly and cared for properly.

Partial – If you’re missing only a few teeth, we can custom make a partial denture to fill in the spaces. These are usually kept in place by comfortably attaching to your existing teeth on each side of the denture. In addition to improving your appearance and ability to chew, partial dentures prevent your natural teeth from shifting and causing additional dental issues. These can also be easily removed to clean.

Implant-Supported – Dr. Robert Karr can also create dentures that anchor to dental implants. You can replace as many teeth as necessary with implant-supported dentures, and they are sure to always stay in place. They also help prevent bone deterioration that occurs after teeth are lost.

Creating & receiving your new dentures

Dr. Robert Karr of Alliance Dental Care in our Fort Worth, TX dental office will first perform an exam, including taking quick and easy digital X-rays to get the best view of your mouth’s condition. We’ll also make an impression of your mouth so your dentures can be custom made to perfectly fit in your mouth.

During any procedure, you’ll be relaxing in our comfortable, state-of-the-art dental chairs. If you’re receiving implants or need to have teeth extracted before getting your dentures, we’ll make sure you are fully numbed. We also offer oral sedation to help calm your nerves if you suffer from dental anxiety.

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