Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

If you or any family member are experiencing dental emergencies, call Dr. Robert Karr and the Alliance Dental Care staff in Fort Worth, TX at 817-270-6100 immediately.

At Alliance Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, we set aside time each day for emergencies so we can see you as soon as possible. Dr. Karr’s 20+ years of experience will also help ensure a swift and effective solution.

We provide dental sedation and apply local anesthesia to minimize your pain and calm your nerves, so please don’t be nervous to call. It’s in your health’s best interest, and we will always ensure your comfort.

If you’re experiencing pain or have suffered a dental injury, it’s best that you visit our Fort Worth, TX dentist office right away. Leaving a damaged tooth in place, for example, can cause major problems, as well as unnecessary pain and more costly treatments down the road.

What to do if you have a knocked-out tooth

Rinse off the tooth and put it in a container of saliva or milk. Believe it or not, this will actually help the tooth’s roots stay alive. Through this odd but effective method, we may be able to place your natural tooth back into your smile if you see us quickly.

If we cannot save your tooth, we can replace the tooth with a dental implant or dental bridge so you can have a fully functioning smile.

Dealing with other dental emergencies

Broken Teeth – If you’ve broken a tooth, Dr. Robert Karr will use a dental crown to fix and protect it. He can even put pieces of your tooth back into place, depending on your situation. The dental crown will support your tooth, keep any pieces together, and ensure the tooth is safely guarded from any bacteria.

Toothaches – You may require a root canal if you’re suffering from mild to severe dental pain. Despite their reputation, root canals are very simple procedures to perform by an experienced dentist, and they relieve your pain while improving your overall oral health.

Call now so we can save your smile!

Call 817-270-6100 so Dr. Robert Karr and the rest of Alliance Dental Care staff in Fort Worth, TX can address your dental emergencies. You can also contact us through our online form if your situation isn’t urgent.