Top reasons to get a dental crown

Top reasons to get a dental crown

Top reasons to get a dental crown

Top reasons to get a dental crown

October 29, 2019

Dental crowns are one of the most popular and commonly recommended dental solutions in the world. Their versatility makes them an ideal treatment for a variety of different issues, some minor and cosmetic while others pose a risk to the longevity of your teeth. Here’s what you need to know about dental crowns, including the reasons why you should opt for a crown for your cosmetic or functional smile repair.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped, hollow prosthetics that sit over the top of a damaged, decayed or otherwise dysfunctional tooth. They can be made from 100% metal, but most people prefer porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or all-porcelain varieties because they most closely resemble natural teeth. This is because porcelain can be glazed in a shade to match your existing teeth, enabling the crown to blend indiscreetly.


Every crown is custom designed for the specific tooth of each patient. However, before it can be fitted it may first be necessary to prepare the affected tooth to receive it. In some cases, this means filing down the natural tooth so that the crown can fit over the top. However, if part of the tooth is broken or it is eroded, you may need a filling material to build the tooth up so that it can support the crown. Any tooth removal will be carried out using a local anesthetic.

Issues that dental crowns can resolve

Dental crowns can be used in a variety of situations, including:


-          To cover staining and discoloration

-          To hold a broken tooth together

-          To cover and protect a weakened tooth

-          To restore the height to a tooth that has been eroded

-          To stabilize sections of a cracked tooth

-          To cover a tooth that is twisted or otherwise abnormal


Your dental team will be able to tell you exactly why a dental crown is recommended in your individual circumstances.

Benefits of choosing a dental crown

There are plenty of reasons why a dental crown should be your first choice when it comes to dental repairs. Some of the top benefits of using a crown include the following:


Strengthening an existing tooth

Whilst there are solutions available to replace a missing tooth, nobody wants to lose a tooth or have one extracted. Dentists are committed to helping patients retain their natural teeth as long as possible, and a crown can help with this. Placing a crown over a tooth that has been weakened by trauma or decay actually strengthens and reinforces it, giving you the peace of mind that your tooth will last much longer.



Crowns can be used to protect teeth that are suffering from existing damage and decay. By covering the affected tooth with a crown, you can prevent further harm to the tooth that would otherwise cause you to need extensive, expensive and painful treatment in the future!


Restore the appearance of your smile

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they can feel proud of. When damage and decay affect the teeth, particularly those at the front of the mouth, it can cause you to become self-conscious or even embarrassed about sharing your smile. Fortunately, crowns are so natural in appearance that they can restore your tooth without anyone even realizing that there was an issue in the first place!


Comfortable fit

Crowns are custom designed and manufactured specifically for an individual tooth in a patient’s mouth. This helps to ensure that your restoration fits so well, it is comfortable enough for you to ever realize that it is covering your natural tooth.



Modern dental crowns are designed to last for as long as possible, and with the right care at home and proper professional attention at your regularly scheduled dental appointments, your crown could last upwards of 15 years, making it an excellent investment in your dental health and the appearance of your smile.



If you need a dental restoration and would like to know more about the advantages of choosing a dental crown, our expert dental team would be happy to help. Contact us today to obtain more information, or to schedule an appointment.