How to Imptoved you trick or treating experience

How to Imptoved you trick or treating experience

How to Imptoved you trick or treating experience

How to Imptoved you trick or treating experience

October 16, 2018

To all of the parents preparing for Halloween night, we feel you! If your house is anything like ours, the kids have already lost parts of their costume, you’re already tired of going to trunk or treat events, and you’re wondering exactly how you are going to survive two more weeks of Halloween events.

At the same time, your heart melts to see your child dressed as their favorite character, and their Halloween-fueled excitement can put a smile on just about any face. It’s a fun yes exhausting balance, just like helping your child enjoy Halloween while still remaining safe and healthy.

Let’s spend some time talking about how you can have a wonderful trick or treating experience with your children without worrying that their teeth will suffer in the process. But first, let’s talk about basic safety measures that all families should take on Halloween night.

Follow road rules – Be sure to pay attention to traffic and follow the rules of the road. Always hold hands while crossing the street, pay attention to traffic lights, and walk on the left side of the road.
Stay visible – It is imperative that you and your children stay visible on Halloween night. Carry flashlights, wear glow sticks, put reflective tape on your costumes, and more!
Examine candy before eating – Before allowing your child to eat anything from their treat bag, be sure to examine the candy. Throw away anything that looks like it has been tampered with. Consider having your child’s treats X-rayed at your local hospital if they offer that service.

Protect your child's teeth

In addition to overall safety measures, we are also concerned about your child’s teeth. That bucket of candy could mean weeks of sugar for your child’s enamel, and so we want to show you ways to limit that exposure by being creative with Halloween candy.

  1. Consider a trade-in – You don’t need an official program to offer a trade-in program to your kids. Let them know ahead of time that they can exchange their candy for the toy they’ve been wanting.

  2. Be selective with candy – There is no rule that your child has to keep all of the candy they collect. Remove candy that is chewy, sticky, and long-lasting. Only keep things like chocolate that can be quickly consumed and rinsed away completely.

  3. Donate candy – Many organizations collect leftover candy and share it with deserving groups of people, like our troops. Look into programs like Soldiers’ Angelsand give back to those who are serving our country.

  4. Drink water – On Halloween night, be sure your children are drinking plenty of water, especially if they are also snacking on treats. This will help rinse some of the sugar away as it is consumed.

  5. Floss and brush – It is imperative that your children floss and brush their teeth after consuming candy. Be vigilant and set the example for your little ones by letting them see you prioritize your own oral health.

Halloween doesn’t have to be the end of healthy smiles in your home. Follow these tips and enjoy the holiday! Call 817-270-6100 to set up an appointment for any member of your home! We can’t wait to see your smile.