Health & Happiness: The Power of Dental Implants

Health & Happiness: The Power of Dental Implants

Health & Happiness: The Power of Dental Implants

Health & Happiness: The Power of Dental Implants

November 20, 2017

Plenty of people don’t mind putting up with a missing tooth or two. You may feel the same way, or have relatives who are all too happy to proudly grin big for the cameras despite glaring gaps in their smile.

That confidence is commendable, but not certainly the best for anyone’s dental well-being and overall health. This is why at Alliance Dental Care, Dr. Robert Karr provides dental implants as a long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth.

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Discovering dental implants & how they benefit your smile

Dental implants are made of titanium or other safe materials that replace tooth roots in your jaw. They can securely hold replacement teeth that will not shift, resulting in a fully functional smile.

An entirely new set of teeth can be made for you using implants. After examining your mouth, Dr. Karr will use as few as four implants to provide you with replacement teeth on both your upper and lower jaw.

Dr. Karr first surgically places the implants into your jaw, where they naturally fuse to your jawbone. The healing process takes some time, but while this is occurring, you may be provided with temporary replacement teeth. Dr. Karr will instruct you on which foods and drinks are best to help the healing process along.

Your permanent replacement teeth will be customized based on your wishes, needs, and the condition of your mouth. These replacement teeth are made of incredibly strong materials. Dr. Karr will give you excellent tips on keeping your implants in great shape.


Benefiting from alternative/additional dental implant treatments

Alliance Dental Care also provides mini dental implants. These smaller versions may be used if your jaw isn’t strong enough for regular implants. When you’ve been missing teeth for too long, the bone in your jaw deteriorates and can become incapable of supporting regular implants. If this is the case, Dr. Karr may recommend minis, and he can even provide bone grafts to strengthen your jaw if needed.

Dentures can also be attached to dental implants. Dr. Karr will create a custom set of dentures for you that match the rest of your smile. These will fasten to your implants in such a way that they will never slip out of place while you’re talking or eating – a common fear of patients who wear traditional dentures.

Imroving more than your appearance

Dental implants can actually be heroes for your overall health. A missing tooth will always cause more issues other than embarrassment. This brings us back around to health and happiness.

Missing teeth can cause a big change in your diet, leading to nutrient deficiencies. Think about it: if you aren’t able to chew properly, you’re likely avoiding all sorts of foods like fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins, fiber, and other beneficial nutritional value on a daily basis.

You may also be consuming too many soft foods that are easier to chew, but aren’t any good for you (or in some cases, not good for you at all, including fast food).

You could also be spending too much money on antacids and other stomach-relief medications. Why? Because you aren’t properly chewing your food, leading to digestive issues.

Lastly, missing teeth can cause your other natural teeth to shift and even help bring about gum disease. These issues could lead to costly ongoing dental treatments and cause daily discomfort that you simply do not need in your life.

Providing comfort as well as care

Local anesthesia will always be used to numb your mouth during more involved procedures like placing implants, and we can provide oral sedation to soothe you while we create your new, healthy smile.

Every member of our team cares about your dental health and will always make you feel welcome during each visit. We encourage you to spend a bit of time viewing our patient testimonials so you can get a true look at the kind of care we will provide for you.


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