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Dr. Karr leads our team of devoted professionals at Alliance Dental Care. And all of us care about your dental health and your comfort while you’re in our Fort Worth, TX office.

Dr. Karr has provided dental care for over 23,000 patients since he began practicing 40 years ago. Even with his extensive experience and education, he continually attends courses to keep up with the latest dental technology and techniques.

Our team is made up of the most welcoming and understanding people you could hope to find in a dentist’s office. We believe in building trusting relationships so you and every one of our patients are happy to come back and see us. We’re fortunate enough to provide proof of our patients’ satisfaction through their testimonials.

Dr. Karr also provides free consultations for all services and free second opinions. Call 817-270-6100 to schedule your first appointment!

Your Local Dentist

A true neighborhood dentist can be hard to find, but Alliance Dental Care is here for you. Unlike huge, corporate dentist offices, we are here to serve our community and to get to know our patients as friends. You won’t feel pressured into unnecessary dental work because we aren’t trying to appease a boardroom of corporate investors!

Dr Karr and our staff believe in comfortable, excellent dental care at a reasonable price. If you have questions about possible treatments, just ask! We are happy to help you get your dream smile, but above all, we want you to be healthy.

Taking the best care of every tooth

We’re excited to have you join us if you’re simply seeking a trustworthy dentist in Fort Worth for your routine care. But we can also help out if you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, experiencing dental discomfort, or dealing with other dental issues.

You may also be dealing with sleeplessness and exhaustion, which are common signs of sleep apnea. If so, Dr. Karr is the first person you should speak with. He has extensive experience in treating sleep apnea and knows how to prevent it from interfering with your daily life.

Call today to Schedule a Free Concultation

Dr. Karr and the rest of Alliance Dental Care are ready to treat your smile. Call 817-270-6100 or fill out our easy online form to schedule your appointment or free consultation for any of our services!